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Sonos Stop Working after replacing internet provider or changed WiFi settings

Sonos Stop Working after replacing internet provider or changed WiFi settings

Are you having problems connection to Sonos after switching from Bell/Rogers/TekSavvy/BeanField/CIK?
Did you switch providers from Rogers to Bell or vice versa and your Sonos stopped working? Sonos not working after router change?

Lets help you here. Follow these 4 steps. Voila! If the problems persist, try step 5 that request reboot all SONOS devices

Step 1. Unplug ANY ONE of your Sonos players(Play1,3,5) of the power from its current location and bring it beside the Service Provider router (e.g Rogers/Bell) you recently replaced. You will need an ethernet cable which look like this

Step 2. Connect the Sonos product to your router using the Ethernet cable and then connect it to power. The sequence of pluggin in the ethernet cable and power cable does not matter.

Note: Leave the Ethernet cable connected until instructed to disconnect it. This will occur at the end of Step 3.

After a few minutes you will start to see your Sonos Players appearing on your Sonos App(on iphone, ipad, android or computer). Confirm that all of your Sonos players are showing up on your Sonos App.

Step 3. In order to move the Sonos player back to its original location and have it connect over WiFi, we will need to update the WiFi settings on the player.

On your Sonos App, follow the steps below to initiate the Wireless Setup process and follow the on-screen prompts:

On Apple/iPad/iPhone or Android: From the More tab, select Settings > Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup
For Mac: Sonos > Preferences > Advanced > Wireless Setup
For PC: Manage > Settings > Advanced > Wireless Setup

Step 4. Sonos is now setup on your WiFi network. You can unplug the player that is connected to your router and return it to its original location.

If all of these dont work. Try the below.

Step 5. Reboot all Sonos products in your household by pulling out the power cord from the product or wall outlet, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging the power cord back in. Start with the one that is located nearest to the Sonos product that is wired to your router and work your way outward until all have been rebooted.

Woohoo!! Sonos is now setup to work with your new router. Your Sonos products should start appearing in your Sonos app shortly.

Step 6. If you have issues after the 5 steps above, the next step is the verify which WiFi network you are connected to.
Make sure the WiFi router is same as the one your sonos player is plugged into. In some situations you might have two WiFi routers, and you are connected to the wrong one.
You have to decide which wifi network you want to use throughout the house and connect your sonos device to that wifi router.

Try accessing the Sonos app and you will be able to see all your Sonos players.

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