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Power relocation solutions for TV mounting in condos with thin, narrow wall.

Power relocation solutions for TV mounting in condos with thin, narrow wall.

Have you ever tried installing a TV in a condo and find that the powerbridge or power kit that your purchased does not fit into your wall. This is because the depth of your condo wall is shallow and not enough for a standard powerbridge or inwall concealing kit. In-wall concealing kits are made for studs which are 2×4. In a condo the studs are 1.x.

This product, Fits wall with depth less then 2″. In condos the wall stud is not 2″x4″ studs. Condos use a 2″ stud thus making the wall depth very low for inserting a standard old works box. This self install solution is a perfect solution to create a power bridge to your TV in condo walls or wall using 2×2.

In-wall Power and Cable Management Kit for Wall Mounted TV
Easiest to install
Everything you need to power your TV inside the wall quickly and easily.
Designed to simplify wiring behind wall mounted TVs.
Works with all TVs and wall mounts.
Works with all brands of TVs and all wall mount types.
Ideal for Samsung TV power cords with right-angle plugs.
Engineered to provide the easiest and safest electrical installation.
The only kit with Electrical Code compliant that don't need any connections
No clicking or identifying of wires required. Everything is pre-wired to power your TV.
No hard-wiring connections required.
Dual power outlet
6 feet power-supply cord supplied
Installation template provided – Done in 20 minutes
Easy to follow printed instructions.
Same size as standard wall plates you already have in your home.
No electrician or hard wiring required.
Neat and easy installation in less than 20 minutes.

This innovative patented In-Wall HDTV to relocate power behind your flat panel TV hanging on the wall.

The Duplex Receptacle is installed on the wall behind the Flat Panel and the IEC end is located below in the same stud bay. Plug the right angle IEC power cord into the power inlet and the other end into a remote surge protector or electrical receptacle nearby.

Easily relocate power behind the wall to your flat panel.
Cable is pre-wired and requires no electrical wiring by the installer.
Mounts to Recessed Low Voltage Brackets.

• Electrical Rating: 15 Amp, 125 Vac, 60Hz.
• Cable Type; NM-B, 14-2 AWG.
• UL 817, CSA#22.2#21
• NEC Code: 250.146(D), Isolated Receptacles.
• NEC Article 300.15 (E) Integral Enclosure and
NEC 334.40 (B) Devices of Insulating Material and
other NEC code requirements suitable for its intended
• Cable Type NM-B usage as defined in Article 334 of
the NEC.
• All Components are UL rated for its intended application.

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