New Technology in TV Mounting Industry

New Technology in TV Mounting Industry

New Technology in TV Mounting Industry

For condo owners frustrated by condo association policies prohibiting drilling into walls and other structures, no good mounting solutions have existed on the market to allow for mounting a TV without holes in walls or pillars. However, a new mounting technology has emerged that will give consumers more flexibility.

With many of the current mounting options on the market, consumers must drill into walls to mount their TVs. By drilling into walls, consumers face condo association penalties and may cause serious and costly structural damage to their units and their buildings as a whole.

And for those who do not wish to violate condo association policies, the other option has been to purchase a bulky entertainment center to place your TV on. These units take up valuable space and may not achieve the decluttered and streamlined design you are seeking in your living space.

In response to consumers’ frustrations with TV mounting limitations, Condo Mounts, a Toronto-based company that develops TV mounting solutions, has developed and released an innovative mounting solution that doesn’t cause damage to pillars or walls. The Full Motion Column Wrap TV Mount is an easy to install wrap-design mount that snugly fits on most columns or pillars, giving you flexibility in where you want to mount your TV. The damage-free solution securely holds your TV in place while giving you 180-degree flexibility in adjusting the sightlines of your TV. The product also gives you wall mounting capabilities.

The innovative wrap mount is the first of its kind, allowing for easy pillar mounting, and it provides a TV mounting solution that gives condo owners choices without violating condo association policies. The mount is also removable, so you have choices in where you want to mount it, or when you move, you can take it with you.

This wall mount for your TV requires no drilling and easily mounts to walls and pillars in your unit. Other options on the market give little flexibility in mounting choices and may only be used on walls. The pillar mount functionality is an exciting innovation that condo owners will surely love.

Condo Mounts’ newest mounting technology is a game changer for the TV mounting industry and provides a much-welcomed alternative for condo and homeowners looking for a TV mount without drilling holes, including the capabilities of serving as a pillar TV mount. It also provides exciting possibilities and flexibility for consumers looking to maximize space in their homes, allowing them access to spaces that may previously have been taken up by bulky entertainment centers and TV stands.

Both condo owners and condo associations alike will be pleased with such technology that helps protect everyone’s investments while provided much-desired home design flexibility.

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