TV mounted on stone

Mounting TV On Ceramic Tile Marble and Granite wall without studs

Mounting TV On Ceramic Tile Marble and Granite wall without studs.

The trick is to use a Diamond bit when drilling the holes. These sharp tipped drill bits have a way of etching the shiny surface of tile and slowly creating a smooth hole.

Tools and Material Required
Power or corded drill
Diamond Drill bit
Cup of water
Bolts and Anchors or the Condomounts Tiled Wall Mounting Kit (comes with diamond drill bit and toggle bolts for mounting without studs)
Electrical Tape


1. Prepare your tile wall by cleaning it and removing any dust and dirt.

2. Locate where the hardware needs to be mounted. Be certain to measure and if there are multiple mounts, that they will be level. Mark the holes with a marker pen or pencil.

How to mount grab bar on tiled marble and granite wall. bathroom, heavy duty bolts.

3. Apply electrical tape over the tile all around where the drill bit will be used. These tape layers hold the drill bit steady while it tries to start a hole. Without the masking tape, the drill bit will just skate all over the place.

4. Slowly and carefully use your diamond drill bit to drill your hole in the tile. Hold drill and bit and 45 degree angle and etch into marble, tile or granite. Be careful not to push too hard on the tile, particularly if it’s a large one, because it can crack and split. Get the etched surface larger and larger until its a circular hole for the elephant anchors.

5. Once you’ve made the necessary holes, simply insert the condomount kit elephant anchor into the hole.

Inserting bolts which came in the condomounts wall mounting kit

6. Mount your hardware and screw to tightness.

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