How to Save Space and Declutter Your Living Room

How to Save Space and Declutter Your Living Room

Who doesn’t dream of a bright, cheery living space that is sparkling clean and devoid of clutter? While this vision may not always be a reality, new innovations in home design products and solutions can help consumers achieve the look and feel they are going for most of the time, at least.

When it comes to designing a living room space that is open, spacious, and free of clutter, furniture choices are important. While couches, chairs, tables, and lamps are often on any homeowner’s checklist when it comes to designing a living space, sometimes the TV is forgotten about.

When looking at options for your TV placement in your living room, there are a few to consider. One option is to buy a bulky entertainment center that may go against the clean and streamlined look you’re aiming for in your design. Another is to opt for a mounting product that will clear up floor space, but will require you to drill unsightly holes in your wall and may provide limited options on where you can place it. If you should ever move your TV, you can be left with damage for all to see that may be difficult to effectively patch. Additionally, for condo owners, drilling holes into a wall or pillar may be prohibited due to condo association policies.

But thanks to a new mounting innovation by Condo Mounts, a Toronto-based TV mounting company, consumers looking to achieve a clean and de-cluttered living room space have a new option that doesn’t damage their walls. The new Full Motion Column Wrap TV Mount provides a wall or pillar mounting solution without holes. Additionally, their Full Motion Column Wrap TV Mount gives you more flexibility by giving you two mounting options, with the capabilities to mount your TV on a column or pillar in your home in addition to wall mounting. Other products on the market have not been able to offer this flexibility and innovative damage-free design.

The adjustable wrap allows for TV pillar mounting or wall mounting for your TV without drilling. The wrap snugly fits around pillars and columns and securely attaches your TV while providing flexible viewing angles. Because the mount allows for a number of viewing positions and angles, you have more flexibility in your living room design and can set up your space exactly as you envision it while still being able to see your TV and maximize your space.

In the past, consumers have had few options for housing their TVs without cluttering up their spaces or damaging their walls and pillars. Condo Mounts’ newest mounting technology is a welcome product for homeowners looking for flexibility in TV placement and viewing while enjoying the clutter-free spaces they long for.

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