How to Mount A TV to Steel Stud Wall

How to Mount A TV to Steel Stud Wall

Why do I have Metal/Steel Studs?

Do you live in a condo or work in an office and want to mount your TV to the wall?

You are 90% going to be working with metal studs, don’t get discouraged. These types of buildings usually have metal studs for many good reasons. E.g Wood Studs are less a fire hazard than metal studs. Metal studs are also easier to tear down and cheaper to build partitions with.  Imagine those tall large office buildings.

Can I mount a TV on a Metal/Steel stud Wall without Professional tools?

It is very possible to mount a television to metal studs yourself, as you do it properly and have the right anchors.

Look at the zoom circle in this picture and think about how these anchors got to where they are.

Condomounts Steel Stud Mounting Kit. in 2020 | Wall mounted tv, Tv wall, Mounted tv

Mounting TV to Metal Stud Wall

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you mount your TV with metal studs and to give you the confidence that your television won’t fall off the wall.

Step 1: Purchase the Elephant Anchors(50Pack) or the Condomounts Metal Stud Mounting Kit

If you are doing it once it is worth to buy the Condomounts Mounting Kit. The reason being it comes with a drill bit, anchors and screws. If you buy them separately they cost more. Take a close look at the the drill bit supplied, it is titanium coated(last longer) and has a pilot head that cuts through metal faster. If you are a contractor/tv mounting professional its worth to buy the 50pack+screws+drill bit.

If you dont have a TV Mount and Want to buy one with the kit included then you can get this.

If you already have an existing TV mount you can purchased the Condomounts Metal/Steel stud Mounting Kit instead of the entire mount. Or you can just purchase a big box of 50 Elephant anchors.

The type of anchors you need is an anchor that created a nut kind mechanism behind the wall. These anchors are called toggle bolts. There any many variations you can get as toggle bolts but some of them are just to hard to work with. The type you want to get is the Elephant anchors or Toggler Brand Snaptoggle. These are the improved version of the toggle bolts and are 5 times faster to install then the original toggle bolts. Below is the picture.

condomounts heavy Duty drywall elephant anchors

How to mount Tv on Metal Stud with detailed X-RAY view of Metals Studs.

Can you hang a TV on a metal stud wall?

Metal studs are hollow and narrow, so you‘ll need hardware that will be strong enough to support the weight of the television and long enough to reach the studs. Elephant Anchors are stronger than wing toggles and can be used as an anchor for installing a flat screen TV through metal, drywall, and plaster.

Can you mount a TV on One Single Metal stud?

It depends on the wall mount type and TV size.

For FIXED and TILT TV Mount.

Yes you can mount a a wall mount to just one metal stud but will need to supplement with elephant anchor toggle bolt to secure the mount to drywall.

For SWIVEL or Articulating TV Mounts

There are many single stud wall mount available in the market. The weight rated for single stud wall mounts are based on mounting to concrete or wood studs. If you are mounting a single stud wall mount to a metal stud you have to be careful of the weight of a TV.

If your TV is being mounted in a corner or on a wall where centring is not a priority, a fixed single stud TV mount will do the job. If you are wall mounting your TV in a small area or on a small wall where not centring the TV will be obvious, use an adjustable single stud TV mount.

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