Picture of a TV mounted over a tile fireplace

How To Mount A TV Above A Fireplace On A Marble Wall Or With Ceramic Tiles

How to Mount a TV above a fireplace on a marble wall or with Ceramic tiles

Living Room Fireplace TV:  The challenge for the living room fireplace TV was to mount the TV low enough for viewing while still covering the recessed cable and power outlet installed in the wall and to securing fasten the TV to the 1/2 inch thick porcelain tile without cracking or breaking it.  Even with his experience and special tools,  drilling into 1/2” thick marble or tile is always a little unnerving … one small slip of the drill or drilling to close to the edge of the tile and the tile will chip, crack or break.

The key is to take your time and don’t rush anything.

Measure the position of the  TV and wall mounting plate, determine stud location in the wall and electrical and wiring box. If needed make some adjustments to the TV mounting hangers and wall plate.  Mark all the positions with electrical tape or green tape so that you have a full idea of the positions. It is hard to find a stud in a hard surface wall. Thus, the toggle bolts that came with the kit will let you securely attached your TV mount to the wall.

Once those were done the holes were marked we are ready for the the moment of truth. You will need a special drill bit made for glass/ceramic/tile/marble/granite  comes with the Condomounts Kit or can be purchase separately. This drill bit is know as the glass drill bit or the diamond drill bit. Put on the drill bit on your variable speed  drill. It can be a corded or cordless.  Be prepared that it is going to take some time. Constantly wet your diamond drill bit to ensure it does not get to hot.

Start etching a small hole with your drill at a 45 degrees angle until you have etched some depth into your marble.  Care and caution is used with each hole drilled and usually everything goes according to plan. We suggest taping the surface around where you are drilling with electrical tape. This way if your drill bit slips, it will not scratch your wall. The drill bit supplied is a 1/2 drill which can be used to insert the Condomounts toggle bolt. This hole can also be used if you decide to use a lag bolt that will attach to the wood stud.(if you are lucky to find one)

Drill 4 holes at least to mount the TV safe. Once the rear mounting plate is attached to the wall and all power and cabling is prepped the TV is ready to be hung in place. Lift your TV LED display onto the wall mount and then proceed to connect all the components which can be installed behind the TV.

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