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Hacks to your Bedroom or Living with a Concrete Pillar, Circular or Square Column

Hacks to your Bedroom or Living with a Concrete Pillar, Circular or Square Column

TV wall mounting is quickly becoming the best and most efficient way for both private homes and commercial outlets to display and enjoy audio-visual entertainment.

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Save Space in your Condo

Along with the various benefits already present in wall mounting a TV, we are going to take a look at a new niche that is gaining popularity amongst homeowners living in cities – that is mounting TVs in concrete pillars within their condos.

Circular Column mount for Tv

There are multiple benefits to having TVs mounted onto concrete pillars in condominiums. For one, it provides a grand aesthetic benefit, which is utilizing the space provided by the concrete pillar optimally. As such, concrete pillars usually reside in the corners of living rooms in condos, so it’s always great to have a TV present there where otherwise the space might not be utilized or designed properly.

Circular Concrete Pillar TV installation

Secondly, it enables us to provide concrete pillar installs with the option of not drilling into the concrete or modifying the space in anyway via our strapping solution. This is very important to renters who do not own the space, as there is no need to patch up anything after, they can make modifications to the height and position of the TV as they see fit.

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Work in Progress of TV installation on Concrete Pillar

Last but not least, it is nice to accessorize with the concrete pillar TV installation by adding single or double layer shelves underneath, which are then used to house other devices that can connect directly to the TV. Cable management is then used to gather all the wires in a neat bunch and tuck them away in mplastic track that can be painted to match the environment.

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