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Guaranteed Method Of Getting Wi-Fi Throughout Your Large Home

Guaranteed method of Getting Wi-Fi throughout your large home

So I need an Extender. I bought one, but the WiFi still sucks?

>> Well sir, you’ve bought the wrong product.

Its intentions are good: extend and repeat the WiFi signal to get more coverage. You buy it cheap and put it into the plug between the main wireless AP (access point) and you.

You found a free plug ideal to repeat the signal!

The quality of the Extender doesn’t matter!

You went ahead and bought the ‘Devolo’ or ‘Belkin’ or ‘TP-Link’. The well known brands are better at repeating the signal, you’d think? Mmmaybe. I’m sure some smart people develop these things. You also get them in ac WiFi versions…


>> They work like a meeting being held with Walkie-Talkies and the people at the meeting are only allowed to speak to the chairman.

The WiFi extender can only do one thing at a time: RECEIVE then TRANSMIT then RECEIVE the acknowledgement (like ‘roger!’) then TRANSMITS to the AP the air is clear to send another message (like ‘over!’).

So first off, you lose out alot of the internet speed because it has to receive WiFi, it then loses alot of the speed because it serves you WiFi in an area where the reception wasn’t all that great to start with.

The 4 ‘ticks’ causes delays and gives you the perception of slow internet.

When you bring a second client into the extenders’ network, and they both want quality internet here’s what happens:

AP >> Ext >> Client1 >> Client1 ack (roger!) >> Ext (over!)  >> AP >> AP >> Ext >> Client2 (roger!) >> Ext (over!) >> AP

MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)? forget it!

Ever wondered why those devices are so small and light compared to an AP or Router? Where do you think all that nifty technology hides?

Antennas? (there’s usually one, a tiny one. compare that to any AP or router with 2×2, 3×3, …)

WiFi extenders are crap. they receive WiFi to send WiFi, the antenna’s in them suck and multiple devices at once get bottlenecked by its capabilities.

The only is to wire access points. Contact us today for more information.

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